How To Start

After the Server is installed (see "Server Installation"), run the Server main application file (PDFServer.exe) by clicking on shortcut to it on the desktop or from "Programs"; Windows menu — the PDF Server main window will open on the background and a Configurations dialog pops up (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1.

Press Edit button to view or to change (if necessary) the settings in the default configuration (see "How to edit configuration settings" for details).

It is possible to create a new configuration file as well and set it as the current configuration (see "How to add a new configuration to the configuration list" for details).

After the configuration settings have been revised, press the Close button. Server will start working by monitoring the Watch folders for activity or Email messages for attached files depending on the settings in the current configuration — see Fig 2.

If users will send files via Email, it is necessary to specify a list of authorized Email addresses and/or domains (see "Setting Email Authorization Options" for details)

Fig. 2.