Common Email Parameters

The following common parameters should be set to provide a support for the users sending files via Email (see Fig. 13):

Use Email Authorization — if the check box is selected, PDF processes incoming Email in according to the Allowed Email Addresses list (see “Setting Email Authorization Options” for details)

SMTP Server — SMTP Server host used to send Email messages back

SMTP Port — SMTP Server Port (the default value is 25)

SMTP Account — SMTP Server log on account name (in case if the Server requires authentication)

SMTP Password — SMTP Server log on password (in case if the Server requires authentication)

How often — how often the PDF Server checks the Email box

Return Address — the Return-Path field value to be set in all back messages (this address appears in the To Email message field when one presses the Reply button — say in Outlook Express)8

CC To — the Email address where a copy of the result should be sent (CC field in Email message)9

Subject — the subject of Email message

Email Inbox Folder — a folder where documents received via Email are placed before processing

Email Outbox Folder — a folder where results of the processing of documents received via Email will be temporarily located until they will be sent back to the user