Using Investintech Conversion DLL in Microsoft Visual C++ .NET 2003

In this section you will see how to use Investintech Conversion DLL. All pictures and examples from now on will be based on Microsoft Visual C++ .NET 2003.

In order to use methods contained in DLL you have to link an executable file to DLL. Executable file can be either EXE or DLL file. There are two possible ways of linking: implicit and explicit linking. In this documentation implicit linking will be shown.

Implicit Linking

Implicit linking is load-time linking. The following is needed for executables to implicitly link to Investintech Conversion DLL:

All these files are provided by Inc.

Linking .lib file with project

Below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to link InvestintechConversionDLL.lib file with your project.

Start Visual Studio and select ‘ File > Open > Project’. Select the project in which you want to use InvestintechConversionDLL.dll and click ‘ OK’. Select ‘ Project > Properties’. You should see the window like next one:

Click the ‘ Linker’ folder and open ‘ Input’ property page. Modify the ‘ Additional Dependencies’ property by clicking the ‘ ...’ button.

The window titled “Additional Dependencies” should open: type InvestintechConversionDLL.lib and click the ‘ OK’ button. Click ‘ OK’ to close “Property Pages” window. You have successfully linked InvestintechConversionDLL.lib with your project.

Using methods from DLL file

After linking with InvestintechConversionDLL.lib file you can use methods contained in InvestintechConversionDLL.dll file. Simply include InvestintechConversionDLL.h file in all source files that need to use those methods.