Options for Creation

Selecting this item will launch an Options… dialog box that allows the user to specify certain settings to apply to the PDF documents being created.

Note: The changes made to these options will affect all PDF documents – as such, particular changes made for a certain PDF document may need to be changed for subsequently created PDF documents.

General Tab

The General tab contains items such as PDF Compatibility and Author that may be appropriate to set as a global default for all created PDF documents, and other items, such as Title, Author, Subject and Keywords, which may be appropriate to determine on a case-by-case basis. If settings are changed for Title, Subject and Keywords, the user should keep in mind the fact that these may not be appropriate for subsequent PDF documents.

Compression Tab

The Compression tab contains three image-based compression groupings. For each image style, the user may select from the four sample methods of Downsample (Off, Average, Subsample, Bicubic) and five alternatives for Compression (Off, Automatic, JPEG, ZIP LZW). The Quality setting is only applicable for Color and Grayscale images when compression is set to JPEG.

The user also has the option to Compress Text. The default setting for text compression is to be selected.

Colors Tab

The color options refer to standard color handling algorithms and methods. In most cases, the user will not have to change these advanced settings.

Fonts Tab

The user may chose whether to Embed All Fonts or to select Subset Fonts when the percentage of characters used is less than a predefined percentage. The Font options are based on Adobe PDF specifications.

Word/Excel Tab

The Word/Excel tab provides basic settings for users that apply only to Word and Excel documents.

The user can select whether to retain Hyperlinks, Bookmarks and Comments in MS Word or Excel if they exist in the source document being converted.

For MS Excel, the user can specify whether to create the PDF based on the current work sheet or the First worksheet or whether to create based on the entire workbook.

View Tab

The View tab contains a series of options for the PDF Viewer Preferences.

Users can choose to:

  • hide the toolbar;
  • hide the menu bar;
  • hide the window user interface;
  • resize the window to fit first page size;
  • center the viewer window;
  • display the document title;
  • and specify the page mode.

The Viewer Preferences listed in the Display tab are based on Adobe PDF specifications.

Page Layout also refers to a viewing style preference. Users can select from four options for their page layout preference.

The Start with frame allows the user to specify the default page to display when a PDF file is opened. The Zoom mode item in the display allows the user to specify the zoom status to be displayed when opening PDF files.

Watermark Tab

The Watermark tab (first the user should click on the + button bellow the white square) allows users to select from five standard, predefined watermarks: Header, Footer, Confidential, Page Number and Text.

Opacity refers to the degree of translucency of the watermark – the greater opacity, the more solid the watermark will appear; the lower the opacity, the more translucent the watermark will appear.

The user can also select whether to apply the watermark to the first page only and whether to apply the watermark as part of the background.

The Advanced button provides a variety of settings to apply to the Watermarks. These include matters such as Font, Size, Color, Style, etc.