Upgrading to Able2Extract Professional

Able2Extract Standard Edition and Able2Extract Professional have all the same features, save for one primary difference – Able2Extract Professional has the ability to convert scanned PDF documents.

Should you encounter a message in a document while using Able2Extract that states, "This page has NO Textual Information" – the document you have opened is either a scanned document or a PDF created by software that has incorporated an "image" in its creation. Unfortunately, Able2Extract does not have the feature that converts scanned PDF documents or documents that contain text within images.

In order to convert these types of images, the document must be analyzed optically on a character-by-character basis. This can be done using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Due to high demand for this technology, Investintech has created a Professional version of Able2Extract that can support scanned documents and images. Click here to learn more about PDF and OCR.

If you would like a free trial of Able2Extract Professional version, in order to convert scanned documents or images with text, please evaluate the product at the following link to download and install it:

Click here to download Able2Extract Professional

Once you have evaluated the product, and experimented with the capabilities and limitations of OCR-based conversions, and would like to license Able2Extract Professional or an upgrade (if you have already licensed Able2Extract), please click on the following link:

Click here to Upgrade to Able2Extract Professional from Able2Extract (for current licensee's of Able2Extract 11.0)

Click here to License Able2Extract Professional (for those that have not licensed Able2Extract 11.0)