Tutorial – Convert Any Printable Format to Excel with Able2Extract Professional

With Able2Extract Professional, you convert any printable format directly into a MS Excel spreadsheet. This means you can convert tabular data in formats such as MS Word or PowerPoint to Excel. You do not need to generate a PDF of your data first. The process is similar to converting a regular PDF to Excel.

In Able2Extract Professional, click on the Open icon on the command toolbar:

Find and select the non-PDF file with data you wish to convert to Microsoft Excel. Click on Open:

Then highlight and select the content you wish to transfer to Excel. Read our help page, Able2Extract Professional Selection Options, for more details on selecting content.

Click on the Convert to Excel icon on the command toolbar:

In the Convert to Excel dialog that pops up, select the Automatic option for simple tabular data transfers. For more complex tables of data, select the Custom conversion option. For more information on both options, refer to our Help file on PDF to Excel Conversion Options – Automatic or Custom.

Once your content is ready, click on Convert or Define to start the conversion process.

Specify your Excel file name and the desired location in the Save As dialog that appears. Click on Save.

Conversion results: