Able2Extract Print Dispatcher

The Print Dispatcher is a system tray icon that is installed onto your computer with Able2Extract. It provides you with taskbar notifications on Able2Extract when it is active.

By default, this icon is always displayed and on standby when no PDF files are being created. The Print Dispatcher provides users with basic functions to:

1. Quickly change the PDF creation options for PDF files created through the Able2Extract Printer. The PDF creation options here do not include the MS Office Tab, which is offered through the options accessed via the View menu. There is, however, one additional tab: Output.

This tab gives users options to automate how the application behaves for all PDFs created through this method. Users can decide which actions Able2Extract should take:

  • Show PDF creation Progress.
  • What to do once the PDF is created: Open in Able2Extract Professional, Open in Default PDF reader, Open containing folder or Do nothing.
  • Confirm the output PDF location and file name.

Users can select the Default location for saving newly created PDFs and whether to:

  • Use default location and file name.
  • Use location of the last created PDF and default file name.
  • Use location and file name of the last created PDF.

Should there exist a duplicated file name and location, users can instruct the application to Replace, Ask for action or Automatically alter the output PDF file name.

Note: Users wishing to change options that were adjusted through the Print Dispatcher must change them through the Print dispatcher PDF Creation Options dialog.

2. Monitor the PDF creation process:

3. Track the PDF files created through the Able2Extract Printer method:

4. Interact with the file. The Print Dispatcher provides quick access to a list of actions on what to do with the newly created PDF: Open in Able2Extract Professional, Open in default PDF reader, Open containing folder.