Annotating PDF Content

Note: This feature is only available for PDF documents, only available in "Conversion" mode and only visible if "PDF Annotations Panel" visibility setting is set.

With Able2Extract Professional, you can create and add new annotations to your PDF content or interact with existing PDF annotations through the PDF Annotations Panel.

To enable this feature, go to the View menu and put a checkmark beside the PDF Annotations Panel option.

In the PDF Annotations Panel that appears on the right hand side, you can select from a wide range of annotations: Sticky note, Link, Stamp, Highlight, Underline, Squiggly (jagged underline), Strikeout, Caret, File Attachment and Watermark.

To preserve any and all PDF annotations added to your PDF file, you need to save your opened document by clicking on the Save command on the toolbar.


To annotate your PDF content, select the annotation you wish to use. Once your annotation is selected and activated, you can then start inserting and applying it to the page.

You can further customize your newly created PDF annotations with the corresponding options dialog box that will appear or through the Properties section, which will be activated where applicable.

Below is a more detailed look at each PDF annotation feature:

Sticky Note

Click on the button to insert a Sticky Note. This will activate the Properties section where you can customize the type of Sticky Note you wish to insert. Specify the Sticky Note Icon, the Color, and the Opacity of your Sticky Note.

You can add your comments onto the Sticky Note by inputting your text into the activated assigned text field in the Comments section.


Able2Extract will allow you to insert a link onto your PDF page by creating a linked hotspot on the content you want to hyperlink. To do so, click on the button and then specify the link action you want to assign to your link in the Link Action dialog.

You can choose to either link to an external webpage or to a page within the PDF document itself where you can customize the view of the page when the link is clicked upon.


Click on the button to add a textual stamp to your PDF content. Select from a list of available stamp types from the drop down list. Once selected, click on OK. Then click on the page where you want the stamp displayed.


To highlight PDF text, click on the button. Customize the Color and Opacity of the highlighter in the Properties section below.

Then on the PDF page, click and drag with your mouse to draw a box around the content you want highlighted. Able2Extract Professional will automatically highlight the text once you let go of the mouse button.


To underline your text, click on the button to activate the feature. To customize the appearance of your underline, simply adjust the settings in the Properties section.

Using your mouse, click and drag to create a box around the text you want underlined. Able2Extract Professional will automatically underline that text.


Adding Squiggly lines works in the same manner as the Add Underline annotation feature. Click on the button to activate the feature and customize the appearance in the Properties section.

Then using your mouse, left-click and drag to create a box around the content your wish to underline with a squiggly line. The text will be underlined once your let go of the left mouse button.


When annotating your PDF, you can strikeout any text on the page. Click on the button, select the Color and the Opacity of your Strikeout annotation in the Properties section. Then click and drag to draw a box around the PDF text you wish to cross out.


Reviewing PDF content may sometimes call for inserting a mark to indicate a proposed insertion within a section of written text. To place a mark in your text, you can add a caret annotation onto the PDF page. Click on the button. Then click on the page where you want to insert the annotation. You can then add your own comments for others by posting them in the Comments section.

File Attachment

Able2Extract Professional allows you to attach a file to your existing PDF document. Click on the button. In the dialog that appears, select the file you wish to attach.

In the Properties section, you can customize the appearance of your attachment. Select the type of Attachment Icon to represent your file: Graph, Paperclip, PushPin, Tag. Select the color of your Attachment Icon and then adjust the Opacity. Then click on the page where you want the Attachment Icon to be displayed.


You can add a watermark to your PDF for further branding or security purposes. To do so, start by clicking on the button. In the Watermark dialog that appears, you have a range of options for customizing your watermark.

First determine the source of your watermark from either an existing Image file or plain Text to stamp onto the page.

Then customize the Appearance (opacity and rotation), the Page margin, the Position of the watermark and the Page Range across which you want your watermark to appear.


To remove an existing PDF annotation on the page, click on the button to activate the functionality. Then with the new eraser cursor that appears, click on the PDF annotation you wish to remove. When you are done, click on the Delete icon again to deactivate the functionality.


The Comments section allows you to instantly review, add, and post replies to existing comments and annotations in the opened PDF document.

Beside each textual comment, you have a few options:

Comment - Review

You can update your review of the status of each annotation: Accept, Reject, Cancel, Complete or None. Click on the box to the right of each dated annotation and select your Review status option.

Comment - Mark

To make managing and collaboration around comments easier, you can mark each one with a checkmark. This can help you keep track of which comments that have already been taken care of. To do so, simply click on the empty green box on the active comment thread. Click on it again to remove the checkmark.

Comment - Reply

You can easily communicate through and reply to the comments of existing annotations. Simply click on the box and Able2Extract Professional will create a reply thread where you can type in your response.

Comment - Delete

To remove a comment from an annotation within your PDF, click on the Delete icon of the comment you wish to delete.

Note: If you delete the last comment for an annotation you also delete the annotation. In that case this function works as Delete Annotation.