Load Custom Excel Template (File menu).

Use this command to open a previously saved template and apply it to a document with the same structure, defined by the template. Templates can be saved after using the "Custom" option after converting a selection from PDF to Excel. The "Custom" option allows you to set up the column structure for a PDF document – this structure can then be saved using the "Save Custom Excel Template As" function, under the File menu.

Keys: CTRL + ALT + O (,), COMMAND + ALT + O ()
Saving and Loading a Custom Template:

After the Custom conversion to Excel is selected, and the user has specified the column structure for the document, the user can then opt to save that Custom Template by selecting this option under the file menu:

To Load this same template to a similar document, select the Load Custom Excel Template option from the File menu:

Select the previously saved template, and it will be applied to the document as follows: