Edit/Convert (File menu)

Use this command to activate or deactivate Able2Extract's PDF Editing mode. This functionality can only be enabled for PDF documents.

A few things to note when in PDF Editing mode:

  • Conversion operations will be disabled and can only be accessed in Conversion mode.
  • The Edit command-both on the Command toolbar and within the File menu will switch to the Convert command for quick access to Conversion mode.
  • All changes made are immediately available to the Converter without any need to save your modifications. However, if you want to preserve the edits made to your PDF, you will need to save the file using the Save or Save As functionality.

To start editing your PDF document, select the command from the File menu:

Keys: CTRL + J (,), COMMAND + J ()

For full editing capabilities and options, visit the Able2Extract Editing Panel resource section.