Convert to Images command (File menu)

Use this command to convert the selected page of an active document into an image format. This command is designed to convert the whole PDF page into a single image – even if the selected area covers only a portion of the PDF page, the entire page will be converted to a single image. If you only need to select a smaller image within a PDF page to extract, use the Take Snapshot command to do so.

Keys: CTRL + I (,), COMMAND + I ()

After the Convert to Images option is selected or the icon is selected on the toolbar, a dialogue will appear providing for a variety of options regarding the extracted PDF page image:

Destination Directory

The Destination directory specifies the location where the image is to be saved. The default location is the same location as the source document. However, if you wish to save it in another folder, such as My Documents, then you can change the location by unchecking "Same as Source" and then by specifying the location by typing it into the location box or by browsing through the folder list by clicking on "Browse".

Image Format

The Image Format section of the dialogue allows you to specify the image format that you would like to create. The choices are: BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF and TIFF – based on your requirements. You can also set the image quality for the output file format. If you select "Create HTML Gallery", an HTML page will be created upon conversion, in addition to the image created based on the selected file format. Multi-page image can be used to support images with GIF animations. Finally, if desired, the selected page can be saved in Black and White.


There are two ways to specify how you would like to scale the image. You can choose to specify the Size, either the height or width of the converted image in pixels. This could be handy if you the image must fit within a certain height or width. You cannot select both a height and a width, because the output image will always retain the scaling of the original source document.

You can also choose to select the image scaling based on the DPI. A DPI of 100% will retain the original size of the document. Other common DPI selections are provided for convenience – or a specific DPI percentage can be entered if a specific DPI is required.