Convert in Batch Conversion Mode (File menu)

Note: available only for native PDF and Text documents.

Use this command to designate a series of PDF files for conversion into your desired output and destination.

Keys: CTRL + V (,), COMMAND + V ()

After the Batch Conversion option is selected or the icon is selected on the toolbar, you will be prompted to select PDF files for batch conversion:

Click on the "Add files.." button to select PDF files for conversion. Once selected, they will appear in the main dialogue box, indicating that they are in queue for conversion. If you accidentally include a file that you do not wish to convert, you can click and highlight that file and then click the "Remove selected" button.

After all desired files for batch conversion have been added, an output folder can be changed or specified by clicking on the "Browse..." button. All conversions will then be saved into this selected file. The final step is to select the conversion output by using the "Convert to" dropdown menu – the output options are displayed below:

After clicking "Convert" the files will appear in the designated Output folder.

Note: The batch conversion functionality only allows for full file conversions – so you are not able to visually select the portions of a source file. Also, the batch conversion will convert scanned PDF files as images – the OCR functionality is not available for batch conversions.