Resize... (Edit/Pages menu)

Select Pages to access the Resize... command, as below:

Use this command if you want to resize only the page of your PDF document, not its contents. The page can be resized by inches, centimetres, millimetres, and points. Note that you must have a Width and Height value specified to resize your PDF content. The command will also take into account the Page's rotation.

In the dialog, the Width and Height's initial values are the dimensions of the Current Page. In the Size drop down menu, you can select from pre-set standardized paper sizes compatible with ANSI, ISO, and Arch specifications for content being resized for print. If you choose to customize the unit measurements, the Width and Height values will be converted to equivalent measurements.

The Anchor option will let you set a fixed point on the page around which the resizing will occur. You can select the position in the Anchor field. You will have nine positions to choose from: Top Right, Top, Top Left, Left, Middle, Right, Bottom Right, Bottom, and Bottom Left. Alternatively, you can click on the grid to make your selection visually.

After your parameters have been set, click on the Resize button. Your pages will be modified automatically: