Move... (Edit/Pages menu)

Select Pages to access the Move... command, as below:

Use this command to move and rearrange pages in a PDF document.

Once this command is selected, the Move Pages dialog will appear and display the current page numbering for the non-modified document state.

To move a single page, enter the page's number in both the First Page and Last Page fields.

Use the Put Before Page spin box to indicate where you want your page to be moved:

Then click on Move to finalize your changes:

To move a range of pages, enter the first and last page numbers of your page range in the respective fields:

To move pages to the end of the document, you will need to select the End of document item as your Put Before Page value:

Note: that after each time you move a page, the new page sequence is instantly updated. Thus, for any subsequent pages you want to move, you will always need to refer to your most recently modified page order (not the original) to determine your next Put Before Page value.