Microsoft drops native PDF Creation from Office 12

In an effort to ward of an expected anti-trust lawsuit from Adobe, Microsoft recently announced that they are going to be dropping a feature from their new Office 12 software that allowed documents to be saved as either PDFs or XPS documents. XPS is Microsoft’s new technology that competes with PDF and is said to be, by some, a PDF killer.

Apparently, Adobe was a little more afraid of this development than they let on publicly at the time Microsoft announced the PDF creation feature in Office 12!

So, while you’ll no longer be able to get free PDF creation with your license of Office 12, you can still check out our Sonic PDF creator using our 7-day free trial.

Adobe Acrobat & PDF Conference

We just got back from launching our new Absolute PDF Server product at the PDF2006 Adobe Acrobat & PDF Conference in Orlando, Florida.  Absolute PDF Server got a very good reception from attendees and also got write-ups on and

We were at the conferences as an exhibitor (a pic of our great display is forthcoming) and we also managed to attend several valuable conference sessions.

Already looking forward to going back next year!