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How To Clean Up Large PDF Datasets

For big data analysts, working with clean data is a must. The major hurdle, though, is actually cleaning that data. Right now, analysts are spending more than half of their time cleaning up unstructured datasets. And if you aren’t an … Continue reading

Spreadsheet Risk Management: Are Excel Errors Avoidable?

Spreadsheets are known for being able to perform heavy-duty number crunching tasks. And because of this, it’s only natural to think that along with calculations comes precision and accuracy. The program is set to do all the complex analysis for … Continue reading

How To Select And Convert Tables Among Text

For the most part, converting PDF tables to Excel can be very simple. Your table is isolated, on a single page and nicely centered. However, PDFs being what they are and content being as diverse as it is, your tables … Continue reading

Everything You Need To Know About Converting Scanned PDFs

Since moving towards the “paperless” business concept, industries and companies are scanning both printed and handwritten material on a daily basis. It isn’t uncommon to want to digitize every hard copy file your company has in order to keep pace … Continue reading

How To Perform A PDF Batch Conversion

If  you want to increase your productivity in the office, the first thing that usually comes to mind is constructing a better, more streamlined document management strategy.  And in today’s data-intensive world, PDF files that create bottlenecks will be your … Continue reading