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How To Insert Blank Pages Into Your PDF

Most people roll their eyes when they need to edit a PDF. Why? Because PDF editing is difficult.  After all, the idea behind the PDF is that it’s meant to be read-only and not edited. Have you ever tried adding new … Continue reading

Google Docs: Beat Annoying Collaborators at Their Own Game

Collaborating with colleagues on a document in Google Docs has a lot of advantages over going solo. A fresh set of eyes and multiplied brain power can correct typos, improve grammar, enhance sentence structure, and pick up on where simplification … Continue reading

How to Make Gmail Look Like Outlook – Tutorial

The times of getting excited after seeing you got one new message in your inbox are long gone. Nowadays, emails are deeply rooted in the modern business culture with a staggering number of 269 billion emails sent per day. Yes, … Continue reading

Excel Templates For Project Managers

A project can be defined as a temporary endeavor undertaken by a specific group of people in order to reach a unique goal or objective. Likewise, Project management is the process of initiating, planning, organizing, executing, controlling and closing of … Continue reading

How to Convert PDF to Excel: Formatting Issues Solved

Accurate PDF to Excel conversion is one of the most difficult tasks for any PDF converter software. That’s why users often complain that PDF won’t convert correctly to Excel. They think the software is not working properly because they experience … Continue reading