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How To Batch Create PDF On Windows 10 Using The Able2Extract Virtual Printer

  Creating PDFs with Able2Extract has always been a time saver. You simply open your file, add your security adjustments, and let the software do all the work. Even more convenient is the ability to use the Print functionality of … Continue reading

Content Creator’s Toolbox: Top 12 MS Office Productivity Plugins

Productivity has an altogether different meaning today than it did ten years ago, let alone five. It doesn’t mean just getting things done anymore — it means being able to get more complex things done in the same amount of … Continue reading

How to Repair PDFs

Digital files are always susceptible to corruption. PDF documents are no exception. When you try to access a broken or corrupted PDF, it won’t open in your PDF reader but will instead display an error message such as: PDF issues … Continue reading

5 Tips on Optimizing your PDFs for Search

The PDF is the world’s favorite format for sharing documents like reports, studies, survey results, guides and tutorials, manuals and more. As a website owner, you probably want to showcase documents relevant to your business and make them publicly available … Continue reading

How To Use Excel For Your Startup

The Internet has given everyone the opportunity to start a business. Android apps, blogging, freelancing, virtual assistants, online tools–the possibilities for building up a brand and business are endless. But if you already have a full time job, you’ll no … Continue reading