4 Mobile Tips To Stay On Budget During Christmas

Budgeting Christmas Money

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We all know that Christmas can be an expensive holiday.  From last minute Christmas shopping to vacation plans, you’re always spending a bit more around this time of year than any other. And not only that, but traveling and visiting family and friends makes it even harder to keep a budget in check.

If you’re going to be extra busy this year, try getting your finances in order from your smartphone or tablet device.  You may be thinking that personal financial apps like Mint are all you really need. Yet, such tools can sometimes offer a poor fit with unneeded features or may not even have the tracking verticals you need.

However, there are other ways to keep on top of things that involve nothing but tools you already use on a daily basis. Here are four.

1. Work With Excel Spreadsheets On Your Device

A lot of people turn to Microsoft Excel for analyzing numbers. So it’s a natural choice for staying on top of your holiday budget. With a spreadsheet you get to decide exactly what you want to track and how to track it. The best part is that you can access that spreadsheet on your mobile device through virtually any app that supports document viewing or editing.

Spreadsheets will offer you a good alternative you can customize as much as you want. You can set up different columns for tracking Christmas shopping, traveling budgets or co-coordinating bill payments over the holidays.

Holiday Excel spreadsheet template

As a bonus, there are basic budget spreadsheet templates you can download for free or through the Microsoft Excel program. These are already formatted and some are even set up with formulas baked right in. Once the template is downloaded and your numbers are in, you can handle your data from anywhere without having to start from scratch.

2. Edit and Update Your Budget While On The Go

One of the hardest things about budgeting is making sure that you constantly check in with it. Needless to say, your mobile device can be the best financial tool in your arsenal this Christmas.  This will ensure that you aren’t left with an excuse for impulse purchases you made because you thought your budget could spare them!

Updating your budget right on the spot is key.  Log in your expenses while you’re at the cash register or check in on your account status before you make a big purchase. Making quick, smart choices is all about being informed and what better way to get your information than right there when you need it.

3. Convert PDF Data From Financial Statements

Another aspect of working with any money matter is the difficult to edit PDF format. It’s often used for sending, receiving and storing your financial information. Yet because your banking statements contain hard numbers of your monthly debits, deposits and transfers, you should work them directly into your financial budget spreadsheet.

Convert PDF to Excel

For this, you’ll want a mobile converter that’s quick and simple to use.  Though full fledged PDF to Excel tools are found mostly for the desktop, free PDF to Excel mobile apps  exist that will let you convert your PDF content to Excel simply by tapping. Remember that your budget is only as accurate as the data you use. So use the information from your digital statements.

4. Sync Edited Spreadsheet Budgets

The best part about mobile devices is that you can connect it to any compatible cloud service. Cloud drives are great because you can update the numbers in your spreadsheet on your device and then sync those changes to your desktop. Services like Box.com and Dropbox  make it so that you don’t have to manually update each spreadsheet version. One copy can be edited from anywhere.

Another great advantage of using cloud services for your budget spreadsheets is that you can share the file with anyone from anywhere. Family members can easily gain access to those spreadsheets while they shop in different stores. It’s an efficient, yet simple way to make sure everyone is on the same page and no overspending happens.

Maintaining a budget is about working smart and efficiently.  More importantly, it’s about putting it into practice and making it into a habit. What do you do to stay on budget during Christmas each year?

How To Store Converted Files To Multiple Cloud Drives With One App

Now that you have a way to freely convert as many documents as you want with our mobile PDF converter apps, you may be dependent upon your cloud drive accounts for storage. Having multiple accounts can be really handy if you constantly work with digital documents via smartphone or tablet.

And it’s no wonder. Unlike your mobile hard drive and micro SD cards, having a cloud account can easily hook you up with free gigabytes of storage, sync easily across different operating systems, and like email addresses, can be used for different purposes to keep your files organized, whatever they may be intended for.

Because Able2Extract mobile lets you create and convert PDFs without limit, you might find yourself bombarded with a long list of converted files. Naturally, you’ll want to pass those files across your cloud accounts.

But if you hate the hassle of logging in to those cloud drives separately, you may be interested in RainbowDrive.

What Is Rainbow Drive?

RainbowDrive is the TweetDeck of cloud storage. This new service can connect all of your cloud drives together and let you offload your mobile converted docs into different accounts from one single interface.

It works with the most popular cloud services–Dropbox, SkyDrive and Google Drive. With accounts set up on those sites, you can use RainbowDrive to upload, download, delete, and share files across all account and access them from different devices. In addition, RainbowDrive will let you auto-categorize your files, easily browse files via thumbnails, and search across all accounts.

One thing you’ll love about RainbowDrive is that it allows support for multiple instances for each cloud storage service. Meaning that if you’re like me with more than one Gmail ID and hence, more than one Google Drive account, you can access them all at once–something which, from my experience, you can’t do on your desktop.

Using RainbowDrive With Able2Extract Mobile PDF Converter

The best part about having RainbowDrive on your mobile device is that it ties in perfectly with files that have been converted with Able2Extract Mobile. You can easily upload the converted files from your Able2Extract Mobile list to your drives. Doing so will give you a good chance to delete the converted documents from the file list and keep your Able2Extract mobile conversion queue neat, clean and ready for other conversions.

With the popularity of online document management, RainbowDrive will be a convenient productivity when you need to access documents while on the go.  If you’re interested in testing it out, RainbowDrive is available for free on Windows 8, Android and iOS (iPad).

How do you use your cloud drives? Let us know how it works for you and your mobile routine.

Investintech Releases Free PDF Conversion Apps For Mobile Devices

Today, we’re happy to announce Investintech’s latest PDF solution. We just released 3 PDF converter mobile apps!:

          • Able2Extract PDF Converter
          • Able2Doc PDF to Word
          • PDFCreator mobile

That’s right! We’ve tailored down the process and integrated our PDF conversion technology into it to make PDF creation and conversion on Android and iOS mobile devices possible.

This means that you can now quickly and easily create or convert your PDF documents on the go, and best of all, these apps are totally FREE! 

So if you thought efficient mobile document management was difficult to achieve, think again.  These apps will let you instantly convert to and from PDF files in 2 taps. Here’s a look at what our mobile apps have to offer.

Introducing A Sleek Mobile Interface—Investintech has designed a smooth, uncluttered and clean interface for document conversion. It was all laid out to work exactly how you need it—no frills, no complications. No matter which device you’re on, be it a tablet or mobile device, the conversion experience is always the same efficient process. 

Easy Access File List–Investintech’s mobile PDF converter apps all feature a centralized app list (shown in step 3 below and above).  On top of giving you one convenient location to retrieve your converted files, we also give you the ability to work on a mobile device as required.

Share, collaborate, and view your file wherever you are.  Tap on the Share button to select any one of the sharing services available on your device. Or simply tap on your file to open it in your default file viewer.

Highly Resource Efficient—We know that storage space on your phone is essential. That’s why we made each app less than 10 MB in size. The conversion process itself takes place on Investintech servers using the same advanced conversion algorithm used in our desktop PDF converters. We then send the file back to you, completing the process seamlessly.

Get Tailored Conversion Options On Your Device—Because our main focus is offering you flexible options, our mobile apps offer a select variety of conversion options. So there’s no need to download what you don’t need. You get the exact conversion functionality you need with each app:

  • Able2Doc PDF to Word Mobile: Convert PDF to Word instantly
  • PDFCreator Mobile: Create PDF files from Microsoft Office documents
  • Able2Extract PDF Converter Mobile: Convert PDF to Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Text Create PDF files from Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Text

How To Convert PDF Files With Able2Extract Mobile

Here’s how simple it is to convert a PDF using Able2Extract PDF Converter:

1. Locate your file on your mobile device

2. To open the file, long press or tap on the file to activate the open menus on either iOS or Android (see below).  Select Able2Extract:

Select “Open in Able2Extract” on iOS


Select “Open file Able2Extract” or “Complete Action using Able2Extract” on Android

3. Tap on the Convert button (double arrow icon), and select your conversion output (Android shown):

Your conversion will then start automatically. You can retrieve your converted file within the same file list.

Able2Doc PDF to Word and PDFCreator work in the same way. However, because there is only one format to convert to or from the PDF format, the conversion process will start automatically once you open your file using either app.  You will find either your newly converted PDF file or Word doc within their respective file lists.

To give these apps a whirl yourself, download and try them out today! All 3 apps are available from the Google Play and iOS Apple App Store.

Google Android Requirements: Android 2.1 or higher, Data Plan or WiFi connection (in order to upload file, and download conversion results)

Apple iOS Requirements: iOS 4.3 or higher, Data Plan or WiFi connection (in order to upload file, and download conversion results)

You can find more details on our mobile PDF apps page.

From server to mobile, you can now get a complete PDF converter solution across all platforms!

PDF Expert: Professional PDF Viewer for iPhone by Readdle

Are you looking for a PDF reader for you iPhone? Have you tried other readers, but still looking for another solution? Then look no further than Readdle, a pioneer in creating document related applications for the iPhone and iPod since 2007. They just recently released PDF Expert 1.0, a much awaited super PDF Reader for the iPhone.

With PDF Expert, Readdle has pushed and enhanced PDF viewing capabilities on the iPhone to its best. Believe it or not, you might even say that its functions and features edge out the native document viewer normally found on iPhone devices.


When it comes to PDF documents, Readdle lets you do a lot. In addition to letting you save PDFs in email attachments, it also allows you full text search throughout the document. You can navigate around embedded PDF bookmarks easily, copy and paste text into other applications and access and email whole files stored in PDF Expert to your friends.Readdle even provides support for password protected documents and large PDF files.

Here’s a quick feature tour:

*Email Handling: Handling email attachments is easy using PDF Expert and the dedicated storage space provided (for free) by Readdle. Just access your email account at any remote server and forward your email containing the PDF to your dedicated Readdle space at the server.

*Password Protected PDFs:The application can also easily open password protected PDFs contained in emails. Although it’s still lacking in providing the advanced functionalities of opening DRM protected files and saving them to the local iPhone memory, you can bet that they’ll be the next focus in upcoming versions.

*Navigation: In comparison with other PDF viewer applications, PDF Expert has given a professional edge to navigating PDF documents thanks the addition of embedded bookmarks. An enhanced navigation option combined with advanced search features lets you find and navigate to search terms in the document quickly and easily.

*File Transfer: A noteworthy feature of PDF Expert is that it has made transferring all sorts of documents an easy and trouble free job. With its built in network file server, you can use the app as a mountable drive over a Wi-Fi network to any PC or laptop with Mac OS X 10.4 or later, Windows XP or Vista. Just drag and drop your files from your computer to the mountable drive to get it on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

*Large PDF File Handling and Viewing: PDF Expert is also interlaced with an embedded zip/unzip archiver and flexible file management. The app also provides you with the ability to open and view very large documents containing more than 1400+ pages, which you can scroll through quickly. Furthermore, you can read your PDF document comfortably in full screen or landscape mode, whichever you prefer.

Although, Readle is a well known name in the world of iPhone and iPod Touch to provide remote storage and many great business solutions at competitive prices like ReaddleDocs, One Disk, Flash Drive, Take a Note, and ChiefTent, from the customer feedback at the App Store, PDF Expert is considered as Readle’s most successful and in-demand application.

If your iPhone or iPod Touch is equipped with iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later, then you can have this super professional PDF viewing app on your device from the App Store for $4.99 (USD). So what are you waiting for?