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Top 5 Data Journalism Myths Busted

A good journalist is a master storyteller. Telling compelling stories with data has become a new challenge and a growing trend in journalism today. The Internet has unlocked the world of information and made a huge amount of data available. … Continue reading

5 Tips on Optimizing your PDFs for Search

The PDF is the world’s favorite format for sharing documents like reports, studies, survey results, guides and tutorials, manuals and more. As a website owner, you probably want to showcase documents relevant to your business and make them publicly available … Continue reading

Top 6 Canadian Tech Inventions

The big weekend is ahead of us. Yes, July 1st is just a few days away. And if you’re a Canadian, you already know what we’re referring to. If not, let us explain why this milestone is so important to … Continue reading

7 Ideal Jobs For Excel Users

Microsoft Excel is a common application. You may have used it on the job or for school, but chances are that you only used it for its most basic uses. However, Excel skills are more important than ever. And those … Continue reading

7 Best iOS Apps for CAD Users, Designers and Engineers

Despite the fact that the mobile market expanded to the point where now most of the work is done on the go, AutoCAD remained one of the few software solutions to keep its desktop-first legacy intact. The folks at AutoDesk … Continue reading