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Canadian Tax Filing Tips With Able2Extract Pro 12

If you’re a Canadian, then you know that the deadline for filing your 2017 tax return is looming. You have until Monday, April 30, 2018, to submit your return to the CRA and avoid paying penalties and interest. If you’re … Continue reading

PDF Security Essentials: What You Should Know

  There’s an undeniable love-hate relationship we have with PDFs. You hate it because you can’t easily interact with the content that’s in it; you love it because it can keep that content intact. And for better or worse, that … Continue reading

PDF Security Alert: Adobe Releases Updates

It’s going to be a busy week for users and IT administrators this week. Adobe is releasing a few updates today, and it means making sure that everything is up to par and updated properly. Or if not, at least … Continue reading

Adobe Begins The Year With Software Updates

If you’re just getting back into the routine after the holidays, you may want to start off by updating your Adobe software.   In PDF news this week, Adobe has released its quarterly updates for Adobe Reader and Acrobat for six … Continue reading

Flash Player Bug Gets Patched–Adobe Confirms Reader & Acrobat Are Vulnerable

Adobe was busy during the weekend as it rushed to fix a vulnerability found in the latest version of its ubiquitous Flash Player. The bug, originally reported by Google, was a cross-site scripting vulnerability being exploited to steal account information … Continue reading