A collection of interesting bits and pieces about the PDF format and the Web

5 PDF Tasks You Didn’t Know Could Be Done Through A Web Browser

Web browsers have come a long way. There was a time when finally being able to view a PDF natively inside Firefox or Chrome got everyone excited. Now, viewing PDFs is the most basic PDF task you can perform. Aside … Continue reading

How To Sign PDF Documents & Word Forms With Google Docs

The business world is now a digital one. Professionals and users are looking to do and keep everything digital–even signing documents. Users are turning to access a quick way to deal with e-signatures without having to print, sign, and re-scan … Continue reading

PDF Usability And The Web: Is The Format Still “Unfit For Human Consumption”?

Photo Credit: steveluscher via  photopincc There has always been a well-documented love-hate relationship between users and the PDF format. You either love it when things go right or hate it when it doesn’t co-operate. Yet for better or worse, the … Continue reading

4 Great Ways To Make PDF eBook Navigation Easy

In this day and age of DIY e-publishing, the PDF is an invaluable format. If you’ve ever downloaded an eBook resource from a website or blog before, then you know how convenient it is to have all the information and … Continue reading

How To View PDF Files In Mozilla Firefox

With over 80% of non-HTML documents on the web consisting of PDF documents, viewing PDFs in browsers has become a common user behavior among web surfers.  You can come across anything in the PDF format: manuals, quick start guides, white … Continue reading