Get Your Tweets In PDF Format With Twournal

If you’re addicted to Twitter, you probably tweet more than 20 times a day. When you constantly tweet, you eventually end up creating a story made up of interesting content, personal thoughts, and spur-of-the-moment pictures. Before you know it, you’ve actually created an online journal.

Although Twitter is great for capturing those spontaneous moments, it isn’t so great when it comes to re-visiting them. It isn’t like Facebook where you can click around on your photo albums; Twitter requires A LOT of scrolling down.

And if you’d like to look back and keep those moments easily accessible, you’d be hard pressed to find a way of exporting those tweets into a fun and reader-friendly format.

Well here’s a great tip off on how to get those tweets off the stream and into digital format.

Launched just last week, Twournal is a brand new service that allows you to turn your tweets into print. They publish your tweets in a stylish and professional looking book complete with front cover, dedication page, and photos.


Twournal offers hard copies of your tweets starting at $15 (USD). However, it has the more appealing option of getting a free PDF version you can easily download and view in your PDF reader.

The best part is you can customize your book. For both hard copy and digital versions, you can choose to include replies, select which tweets you want your book to start and end at, and get your cover custom made with a picture of your own choosing.

As mentioned, you can also include Twitter photos which you posted on Twitter in your book–a great option to jazz up the presentation of your tweets. For these, Twournal supports Twitpic, Tweetphoto or Yfrog posted pictures you can include in either colour or black and white.

Of course, you’ll need to provide Twournal with access to your account, and the time it takes to complete your Twitter PDF book depends on the number of tweets you want included. Twournal even has seller options for you if you’d like to put your Twitter book up for sale.

As of this writing, Twournal is still in private beta. You have to request an invite from the site to access the service. However, you can keep up to date with them on Twitter: