Adobe Releases Emergency Update Patch

Admittedly, it hasn’t been great for Adobe and its flagship PDF software for the past two weeks. Adobe Reader and Acrobat flaws have made it next to impossible to trust any incoming or web published PDFs.

In response, Adobe has been rushing to push out an update, which was slated for –and has been released, today.

The update can be downloaded via the built-in Reader and Acrobat update functionality, which is usually done automatically.However, you can click on Help> Check for Updates to activate the check manually as well.

For the actual update downloads and finer details, you can visit the Adobe security bulletin where you can find the necessary links for all platforms.

This latest update resolves a few vulnerabilities, including a couple which were addressed before but weren’t sufficiently fixed. These include the recently discovered font parsing bug,the social engineering vulnerability that made headlines back in March, and code execution and click jacking bugs which affected Adobe Flash Player earlier this month.

Adobe also makes special note for any new users, or those looking to re-install, to keep in mind that the Adobe Reader Download Center won’t be updated with the latest Adobe Reader version until August 31, 2010. However, rather than going through the wait for an update again (and, more than likely, another one after that), it would probably be easier to start looking at alternative PDF Readers like SlimPDF.