How To Turn Your PSP Into A PDF Viewer

In the world of multi-tasking gadgets where your phone can replace more devices than you can carry, your Sony PSP gaming console can also do just as much. It not only plays simple video games, but can also store images, mp3 files, let you network, watch movies and a whole lot more.

The Sony PSP: Another Adobe Reader Alternative

Because earlier PSP firmware can be hacked, users have extended the device beyond its original capabilities to include a whole slew of applications that have nothing to do with video gaming at all. And I just found out that you can even extend them to viewing PDF files with an application called bookr.

bookr 0.7.1 is a “homebrew” application that will let you view PDF and text files on your Sony PSP. Once installed on your PSP, you can navigate through menus and folders from which you can select access your PDF and text files. And as a PDF viewer, you also get the regular viewing options of zooming in and out and navigating through to certain pages.

A screenshot of bookr in action!

To get bookr on your PSP start viewing PDF files, you’ll need a hacked PSP. For details on modifying, downloading, installing and familiarizing yourself with the PSP itself, here are a few sites that’ll help you along.

* has an article on the basics of what homebrew apps are and what you should know before getting bookr on your PSP. Make sure you read this first.

*YouTube is a fountain of user information where you can find a number of step-by-step tutorials on how to install bookr which are straightforward once you’ve got all the information and components you need.

*The PSP Mod forum might also be a good resource if you’ve got any questions.

*To keep in touch with the PSP world, PSP News and PSP-Files are sites where you can find everything and anything about PSP

A warning before you start: if something goes wrong during the process you can actually wreck your PSP. So make sure you’ve read as much background information as you can before you start.

If you’re a PDF user with a Sony PSP, bookr is definitely something to check out.