What Kind of PDF Converter Buyer Are You?

When shopping on-line, anxiety is a necessary side effect. Not being able to fully inspect that second hand Louis Vuitton purse you see on e-bay; or worse yet, purchasing a software product from a fly by night company unknowingly—scenarios you’re all too familiar with?

For some, software shopping on-line becomes a way of life—convenience in the comfort of one’s own home (the Golden Rule of the Internet). They love clicking and downloading, but hate the fine print “Buyer Beware!” tag in a font size of 3. In other words– “What You Buy Is What You Get” (WYBIWYG).

Yet, at Investintech, what you buy is what you get—so if you buy a quick PDF conversion software product, you get a quick PDF conversion software product.

We get different kinds of PDF converter shoppers that have common queries when making that perfect purchase with us. So, here are a few that may also help you to make that ideal buy:

*The Anxious Buyer:“How come the Professional version is only available as a 30-day license?”

This type of buyer loves details. With Investintech products, there are options that users can use to their advantage, like the free trial downloads of our desktop applications. A 30 day license is just another option ideal for those who need to complete brief projects and need the full advantage of our software capabilities. But don’t worry, the Professional versions of our products are also available with a full use, single-user license.

*The Panicking Buyer: “My upgrade PIN isn’t working?”

This type of buyer likes to get at the heart of a matter. So do we. One thing to make sure of, is that you’ve got the right components– the Standard version of the product you’re upgrading to Professional and the PIN for the Standard product being upgraded. With questions like these, the Upgrades page and contact info on our site is there for you to get in touch with the right answer to the tech issues you need help with.

*The Curious Buyer: “What’s the difference between Able2Extract and a different PDF Converter?”

This type of buyer likes to research. We’ve got the resources to help you for just these kinds of questions. We’ve got product comparison charts, articles to help you understand different product features and in addition, there are also individual pages for each of our desktop products so you can research at your own ease.

So, welcome to Investintech: what kind of PDF converter buyer are you?

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