Save your time by using a server-side process to create PDF

Introducing Investintech’s Sonic PDF Server, the enterprise level document management solution that offers PDF document creation through a powerful and flexible server-side process.

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Enterprise-wide PDF Creation

Your Business Benefits

Sonic PDF Server saves your organization time by offering a large number of users the ability to create PDF files on demand, anytime. Productivity is enhanced. PDF files can be created from any printable MS Windows application and can be easily viewed and securely shared by anyone, internally or externally.


No Limits on Users or Conversions Per Server

Everyone in the organization with access to a server where Sonic PDF Server is installed, gets access to PDF creation. Sonic PDF Server was designed for multiple users and high volume conversions. As such, there are few limits, per server license, on how many conversions can be achieved throughout the organization.


A Standardized Document Management Framework

Sonic PDF Server offers a single, centralized electronic document solution that provides complete administrative control over how PDF documents are created within the organization. For the IT department, this simplifies the electronic document management process. The software is deployed once. Maintenance and updates are centralized. There is no desktop software to manage. The administrator has full control. Set permissions, document properties and security in accordance with document retention policies.


Full Suite of Benefits. One Price Per Server

Sonic PDF Server offers advanced PDF creation capabilities. With our solutions, you’ll get unmatched product functionality. There are no extra modules or add-ins to license. What you get is a fully featured product that can be used as much as needed per server for PDF creation, by anyone in your organization.

System Requirements

Server Software

Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server or a server configuration of Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows 2003 that supports clients.


Minimum 128 MB RAM (512-1024 MB recommended).

Disk Space

Minimum 60 MB free disk space for PDF Server software. 1-10 GBs free disk space for storing temporary data.

Please see the System Requirements page for more details.

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