Features And Benefits

Key Feature The Benefit

No Limits

Multiple conversions per server

No conversion limits or conversion counting necessary. Licensing entitles organization members to create as many PDFs as they’ll need per server.

Multiple users per server

Give everyone in your organization with access to your Sonic PDF server the power to create PDF files. Streamline document management organization wide.

Create PDF from Printable Windows Applications Organizational PDF creation is not just limited to MS Office applications (i.e. Word, Excel, and Powerpoint). Hundreds of printable Windows file types can be instantly turned into PDF files.

More Ways to Create

Monitored Folders/Sub Folders Choose a system of watched folders to create PDFs.

Email Integration

Remote and internal users can use the email creation option to submit and receive conversion jobs. Processing options can be defined.

Desktop Interface (job ticket creation)

Use our unique desktop interface to get maximum control over PDF creation. It gives users the feel of desktop software on a server application.

PDF Repurposing Options


Automate and customize document production with these advanced processing options.


Addition of watermark text, header and footer information, page numbers, "confidential", etc.

Hyperlinks and Bookmark Support

Retain hyperlink and bookmark structures in created PDF, bookmark levels are customizable.

PDF Security

Make any document a secure PDF file using 40 or 128 bit settings, permission settings and passwords.

Conversion via Native Application

Use the native application to create PDF.

Unicode Font Support

Got a set of Unicode fonts in your document? No problem, these are easily handled.

Text Output

PDF files can be transport into Text for editing or database storage.

PDF Handling

OCR Output

Convert scanned/image PDF files into text using optical character recognition technology.

Searchable PDFs/PDF Indexing

Regain access to image PDF and TIFF files by transporting them into searchable PDF form.

Page/Content Scaling

Vary content to fit popular paper sizes such as US Letter size and A4.


Set the time and date of when the server will operate. Files can be processed in middle of the night.

Command Line Support

Retain server option control without having to interact with the user interface.

Document Compression Settings

Use the most advanced compression settings available to determine the size and quality of the created PDFs.

Set PDF File Name, summary information, View Mode

These can all be defined by the administrator or the user.


Built to handle a high volume of PDF creations each hour.

A Full Suite of Benefits

Get all of the above for one server license fee. No extra modules to buy or add-on later.