How It Works

Absolute PDF Server process.

1. End User

There are 3 different methods for creating or extracting PDFs. The administrator specifies which of the methods will be used:

(a) E-mail:
If you choose the E-mail method, the End-user will send an email to a designated e-mail address attaching the document, which should be converted. Once the document is processed by the server, the converted result is returned to the user via e-mail.
An advanced method is available where along with the file which should be converted, the user can also send a set of conversion instructions (job ticket) to the Absolute PDF Server 3.0.

(b) Watched Folder:
When using the watched folder method, the administrator creates a folder which will be used for placing documents for conversion. The Absolute PDF Server 3.0 will then watch the folder and convert the found documents.
The folders are organized based on the input file format, so there will be one folder for Excel spreadsheets, the other for Word documents, etc. The output folders can be set to be the same as input or you can specify any other folder per format.
In addition, the APS also allows you to create multiple folders for one format. You can use this to have several different types of conversion (e.g. to Excel) and place the resulting variations in dedicated folders.
The Absolute PDF Server 3.0 also allows you to process the files found in the watched folder by applying certain criteria i.e. using a filter to only process files with certain words in the name; for example, you can decide to only convert documents which contain the word “report” in the file name (similarly it can skip conversion for the desired keywords found in a file name).

2. Inputs

(I) Many different electronic file formats (for conversion into PDF).
(II) Image (scanned) PDFs and Tiff (for conversion into searchable PDF).
(III) Image (scanned) PDFs (for conversion into Text, MS Word, MS Excel, OO Writer, OO Calc, OO Impress).
(IV) Native PDF documents (for all available conversions).

3. IT/Network Administrator Sees

By using the administrator interface, your IT department will have full control over managing the documents for your entire organization.
They will also be able to easily integrate Absolute PDF Server 3.0 into the existing IT processes by managing settings such as:
  • Permissions
  • The Conversion Method
  • Document Features
Network Administrator interface

4. Server

After the documents have been processed, the resulting files are delivered to the user in one of the designated output formats.

5. Output

PDF – A large number of printable MS Windows file formats are successfully converted into PDF.
Searchable PDFs – The text from image PDFs will now become searchable.
MS Excel Output – native and image PDFs are transformed into formatted Excel spreadsheets which can be used for data analysis.
MS Word Output – native and image PDFs are transported into editable Word documents for document revision
BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIF, Calc, Writer, Impress, DWG, DXF, PPTX, PPT.