PDF Library SDK

Fast and easy app development using rich API

Seamlessly integrate robust PDF editing, parsing and rendering functionalities into your projects with PDF Library SDK.

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Cross-platform & Configurable

Multi platform Shared Library (dll, so and dylib) with C-compatible interface. C#.Net, Python, Java 8, C++ 11, libraries/modules. APIs for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

Versatile PDF Editing Tool

Numerous interface functions for transforming and creating new content for PDF files, providing a huge variety of options and broad flexibility for implementation tailored to the specific needs of your project.

Low Memory Footprint

Efficient utilization of multi-core CPUs for stream decoding and content rendering purposes achieved by closely following Portable Document Format specification guidelines.


The PDF Library SDK provides simple, yet powerful PDF functionality you can add to your applications across all platforms:

  • Undo/redo functionality (virtually unlimited number of document state snapshots).
  • Digital signatures verification.
  • Apply electronic signatures (with or without cryptographic security layer).
  • PDF encryption & decryption (a password-based encryption handler).
  • Document structure manipulation (create, delete, move, insert, extract, resize, and rotate pages).
  • Configurable rendering for page, content object, annotation, and form field widgets.
  • Add & edit text, bitmap and vector graphics.
  • Sensitive content redaction.
  • Interactive Form fields: create, modify, fill, export and submit data.
  • Annotations: create, modify, and wipe annotations out.
  • File attachments: import, remove, and export.
  • Read and write PDF metadata.

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