Converting HTML to PDF

Converting HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) to PDF with Able2Extract

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a markup language that is most commonly associated with the Internet. HTML is a platform independent language and is therefore appropriate for representing information from a wide range of domains. It is most commonly used to write and display documents on the World Wide Web. Being that HTML is platform independent, a wide range of programs can be used to create and view HTML. Web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome are able to show HTML code.

HTML In Everyday Life

Although it may sound as if working with HTML requires hours and hours of training, the language itself is easily accessible to anyone with a bit of experience with the web. If you own a blog, for instance, you can use the HTML editor to insert widgets or embed YouTube videos and infographics within a post. HTML is a basic way to format your content manually with HTML tags. The text, headings, images, lists and so on can be added and customized with the right tags, such as the <b> and </b> tags to make your text bold. With the DIY (Do it Yourself) nature of the web, HTML is fundamental coding language users learn as an introduction to more complex forms of coding.

In fact, you experience HTML everywhere on the Internet. The websites you visit online contain pages that are made of HTML coding. Web designers who construct websites will deal a lot with HTML with the help of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), which are a form of template to help save time coding similarly formatted web pages. WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML editors are also used to help create and generate the code and are great tools for beginners learning to work with the language.

Advantages of Working with PDF and HTML

As you can imagine, working with a team or on your own individual HTML project will require that you have some way of saving and backing up those HTML pages. Oftentimes, PDF files become an ideal solution. Why? Converting HTML to PDF can provide you with:

Whether for archival purposes, future reference, or collaborative work, you can use the PDF creation feature in Able2Extract to ensure that you save your HTML content as is.

Convert HTML to PDF with Able2Extract

Able2Extract makes converting HTML to PDF as easy as printing up a document through the virtual Print Driver. Able2Extract can convert rendered .HTML pages or the plain text .HTML code when displayed or opened in your browser window. How? Here is a quick look at the process:

  1. Start by opening your .HTML file in an application that comes with the ability to print.
  2. Print the HTML document as usual, but select "Able2Extract 11.0 Printer" as your default printer in the Print dialog.
  3. Confirm the print job and Able2Extract will begin the conversion process.
  4. When prompted, name and save your PDF file to your computer as desired.

No matter what your technical level, Able2Extract makes it convenient for you to convert HTML to PDF by turning the applications you already have into a PDF creator. As long as you have an application that can print a file, Able2Extract can convert it.

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