See The PDF to AutoCad Conversion in Action

Step 1: Select the data you want to convert
Using Able2Extract’s proprietary PDF viewer, you can view and select the PDF data that you want to convert to AutoCad.


Step 2: Choose the PDF to Autocad conversion from the toolbar or file menu
Once you have selected the data you would like to convert, simply click either the toolbar icon or make the selection from the file menu.


Step 3: Choose the color palette and output format you want
With Able2Extract’s PDF to AutoCad conversion, you can select the color palette (standard or RGB) you want as well as whether you want DWG or DXF output.


Step 4: Get Conversion output in five layers in Autocad.
Able2Extract quickly converts the PDF to AutoCad using the options you selected above. The AutoCad output offers a series of layers available once converted, including: