What’s New in Able2Extract Professional 7?

Date: 2010-09-30

Able2Extract Professional 7 is all new with our biggest overhaul yet. We’ve taken Able2Extract Professional and improved it in almost every way. Two years in the making, it is perhaps our biggest improvement in our product to date. From our totally new interface to the new and improved conversion outputs, here is a taste of what the new Able2Extract Professional can do:

Newly Designed Interface

The improvement that all users will notice immediately on opening Able2Extract Professional is that our graphical user interface has received a makeover. We have streamlined our toolbar to ensure an easier and less confusing experience, such as simplified selection options.

We have added new toolbar features and PDF conversion processes that make viewing, selecting and converting PDF documents simpler and more efficient.

New and Improved Conversions

All of our major PDF conversion options have received attention and the result is better, faster and more accurate conversions. We have increased custom options for power users who want granular control over their conversion process.

Our flagship PDF to Excel conversion has a redesigned custom conversion feature which gives users of version 7 the ability to not only designate vertical column structure but also horizontal row structure. This will ensure maximum conversion accuracy for difficult PDF tables.

For those converting from PDF to Word, we have made output improvements post conversion and we have also added new custom graphics and text manipulation features that will give users even better control over their conversions into Word.

Our PDF to PowerPoint conversion has been completely rebuilt. The result is a faster conversion process and much better conversion output quality when converting PDF documents into the popular presentation format.

Finally, Able2Extract Professional 7 has added a new PDF to Publisher conversion that allows users to convert their PDF documents into formatted .pub files where they can be edited in the powerful. This will especially valuable for users working with legacy publisher documents that were previously unusable in PDF.

Performance Enhancements

Able2Extract Professional 7 features a number of under the hood performance enhancements that makes it work faster and work better for more of our users. Off the top, we’ve cut down the download size and overall size of Able2Extract Professional. This is a remarkable feat given that we have added new features. This just goes to show our developers’ commitment to offering a bloatware free experience for all our valued users.

The new version also adds support for non-unicode font types. This will be especially valuable for our Chinese, Japanese and Korean users which have many fonts that are non-unicode based. It will also be of benefit to our Arab and Greek users when converting their PDF files in their native languages.

Compatible with Windows 7 and Office 2010

It has been a big year for Microsoft, with the release of Windows 7 and Office 2010. We have been testing Able2Extract Professional with Windows 7 and Office 2010 together and independently and we have been rigorously testing Able2Extract with both new software programs. We are pleased to announce that our testing has produced no issues with either.

Try it Free

Don’t take our word for it. Take it for a test drive yourself. The all-new Able2Extract Professional 7 is available for download as a 7-day free trial at the following page:


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