What’s New in Able2Extract Professional 6?

Date: 2008-09-30

Abl2Extract 6 is our best data conversion tool ever, with more conversion options and more ways to convert your data. With hundreds of thousands of users, it is the business choice for your data conversion needs. Here is just some of what Able2Extract Professional 6.0 has in store for you:

Batch PDF Conversion
You’ve asked for it and we’ve listened. Able2Extract Professional 6 is now excited to include the batch conversion of PDF documents into such formats as Word, Excel, PDF and more. Using the batch conversion feature is simple. Simply browse and locate the files or folders of PDFs that you want to convert, schedule your job and then press convert. Able2Extract Professional takes over from there and will convert your PDF files into your specified format and into your specified folder.

PDF to Autocad Conversion Option
Able2Extract Professional 6’s top new conversion feature is our PDF to Autocad (DWG & DXF) option. As PDF becomes more and more ubiquitous, it is becoming increasingly common for PDFs to contain CAD drawings as a way of sharing designs. While CAD drawings in the PDF format may look nice, it is not at all practical for those that need access to the CAD drawing itself. Able2Extract Professional 6 unlocks CAD images and text within the PDF by taking the PDF and converting vector images and text into DWG and DXF. See the new conversion in action here.

PDF to Open Office Formats
Open Office is an open source, cross platform application suite that is billed as the free office suite productivity alternative to Microsoft office. Open Office is built on the Open Document Format (ODF) (now an ISO standard) and also supports Microsoft Office formats going back to Office 97, as well a large number of other file formats. The PDF conversion to the open office formats in Able2Extract Professional 6 builds off of ODF and the open office software suite to include these popular conversions: PDF to Writer (ODT) (the MS Word equivalent), PDF to Calc (ODS) (the MS Excel equivalent) and PDF to Impress (ODP) (the MS powerpoint equivalent).

One Click Outlook Integration
Are you getting a lot of PDFs via email that you would like to directly convert into Word or Excel? With a simple right click of the mouse, now you can easily convert attached email PDF documents into Word and Excel with Able2Extract Professional 6’s new outlook integration feature. This means that when you receive an email with an attachment that you would like to immediately convert, simply right click on the attachment and select convert. Able2Extract Professional 6 will take over and effortlessly convert the PDF into the desired format for you.

Download a free trial of Able2Extract Professional 6 and see the new enhancements and updates for yourself.