Able2Extract Professional 3.0 Launched

Date: 2005-06-27

Now Delivering the Best Word and Excel Conversion Output Available Anywhere!
We Think You’ll Like These Improvements!

Able2Extract 3.0 and Able2Extract Professional (Able2Extract) have made significant enhancements to their Word and Excel conversion outputs through the adoption of the Accumax CT™ conversion technology. The Accumax CT algorithm works to provide a truer, better Word and Excel conversion output for the user. Here is a bit more detail about the improvements you’ll see in version 3.0:

Better Word Output

Able2Extract has a new Word conversion ouput option that gives users the ability to convert their data into Word for maximum editing capabilities, while at the same time, retaining the look and feel of the source PDF.

The new Word output option eliminates text boxes that are often present for complex conversions in other PDF Converter products. The lack of text boxes increases the ability of users to edit their files directly within the Word document without having to adjust or manually add text boxes. (For users that still do prefer the text boxes, we have that option as well!).

Here is a quick example:

Conversion without Text Boxes:
PDF Conversion Without Text Boxes

With Text Boxes:
PDF Conversion With Text Boxes

Better Excel Conversions

Our new very powerful Advanced Excel conversion output gives users maximum control over their PDF to Excel conversion for difficult to manage PDFs (such as multi-page reports). If you have tried other PDF Converters on tough PDFs, you may have noticed mis-aligned columns for continuous tables that span more than one page.

Able2Extract solves this problem by giving the user the ability to manually designate where the column spacing should occur prior to conversion. The result is a perfect conversion practically every time. This key new feature is only available in Able2Extract and delivers the best conversion on the market for the toughest of PDFs.