What's New In Able2Extract Professional Version 12?

Able2Extract Professional Is Better Than Ever!

Get improved OCR technology, advanced data extraction, and powerful PDF manipulation capabilities. Here's what you can do with Able2Extract Professional 12:

Fill In PDF Forms

With the new PDF Form Filler feature, you can fill our interactive PDF forms right on your computer. Select checkboxes, click on radio buttons, select multiple items in list boxes, click on radio buttons, specify options with checkboxes, and edit text. You no longer need to print, edit, and re-scan your PDF forms. You can fill PDF forms out and save them for editing later on or even submit them directly.

Annotate PDF Documents

Create And Edit PDF Forms

Able2Extract Professional 12 is now advanced enough to let you create and edit PDF forms. The new Form Editor in this latest version provides you with the power to create PDF forms. Explore a new and advanced set of form creation tools that can add radio buttons, checkbox options, buttons, listbox items and even change the font color of your form. Create PDF forms in-house and take charge of how you collect information.

Selectively Redact PDF Data

Add Bates Numbering

Get your documents organized by adding bates numbers to your PDF pages. Able2Extract Professional 12 offers a streamlined process to labeling and identifying PDF pages and lengthy legal, medical and business documents. Select from a range of formatting and sequence types. Assign suffixes and prefixes to each page or document instantly and eliminate hours of sifting through records and reports.

Add Content To Existing PDF Pages

Insert Blank Pages

Get even more control over the content in your PDFs. Able2Extract Professional 12 lets you insert blank pages into PDF files just where you need them. You can then add text, bitmap images, shapes and even form fields onto the page. Perfect for quick content enhancements or additional disclaimers to you PDF reports. Improve how users interact with your documents.

Improved PDF Content Editor

Convert PDF to Excel More Accurately

Improved the PDF to Excel conversion experience. Identify tables to extract and work with them more efficiently than ever before. Discover a better way to extract PDF tables into spreadsheets with Able2Extract Professional 12.

Enhanced AutoCAD PDF Conversion

Effectively Batch Convert PDF Documents

Extract even more data while saving valuable time. This latest version gives you the ability to scan and convert PDFs located within whole directories. Even the conversion output is efficient as you can now set the output folder as the source folder by default. Shave minutes off the entire batch conversion process.

Enhanced PDF Security

Format And Save Watermark Annotations

PDF annotation just got more customized. When adding watermarks to your PDF file, you can format and place it more precisely on the page according to line and horizontal spacing. You can even save your watermark as a template you can reuse across different PDFs. This means you can consistently brand and secure your PDF documents each and every time.

Improved OCR Engine

Edit PDF Text Blocks

You can now edit and modify entire paragraphs of PDF text. Able2Extract Professional 12 has been improved to let you work more easily with your textual content. The same flexible editing and formatting options apply--add text, change the font, color and size. Updating lengthy contracts and business reports can be done directly without ever leaving the PDF document.

Enhanced PDF Security

Configure Copy-To-Clipboard Text

This latest version also sees improved copying and pasting of text. You can specify the output of your copied text for either CSV, RTF or TXT. Able2Extract Professional 12 makes quick copy-and-paste transfers of text easier. Able2Extract Professional 12 lets you set the formatting as a default so you can effectively handle the text and formats you work with on a regular basis.

Improved OCR Engine