Investintech Free Tools knows that there is nothing better than tools to help you become more productive and get the job done faster. Here’s the selection of free tools we currently offer: Add us on Twitter Twitter and Facebook Facebook to get updates on new tools as we release them.

Free Online PDF Creator

Create a PDF from any of the 20 electronic file formats, including MS Office and OpenOffice formats. Simply upload your document, input a valid email address, and the newly created PDF will immediately be sent to the provided email address. Note that, at the time being, free online PDF creator is available with interfaces in Spanish and French languages. However, just follow the instructions above and create PDF free in any language.

Free Scanned PDF to Word

Convert any PDF, native or scanned (image), into editable MS Word file in three easy steps: upload your chosen PDF, provide an email address where you want to receive your converted .docx file, and click the conversion button. The free online scanned PDF to Word tool is available with interface in Spanish or French!

Free Online PDF to Word

Instantly convert PDF documents into easy-to-edit Word files following these instructions: select PDF file for conversion, fill out your email information and click on the Start button to receive your converted document right to your inbox. The tool is available in Spanish and French!

Free Online PDF to JPG Converter

Use our PDF to JPG converter to accurately export PDF documents to JPG files, while maintaining source document formatting. Completely free, without any limitations. No strings attached.

Able2Extract Mobile Apps

Available for both Android and iOS users, the Able2Extract mobile applications allow you to convert PDFs into editable Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, and create PDFs on your mobile device. The apps are completely free to install and use. View and Download Now

Slim PDF Reader

The only bloatware Free PDF Reader available today that is completely secure. Slim PDF Reader uses Able2Extract’s stable PDF viewing technology to offer a high quality PDF Reader that is only 1.5MB in size. Slim is fast to use because of its size and it is not subject to all the security flaws of Adobe. Download it Now!

Docx to Doc Online

Convert the Microsoft Word Docx format from Office 2007 and 2010 to the more traditional Doc format so that you can view them and use them on your older version of Office. Convert Docx to Doc Now

PDF to HTML Online

View and share those PDF documents in HTML online. Upload your PDF and convert it to HTML. Then, download the output to your computer or share the link on your website for all contacts and colleagues to see. Convert PDF to HTML Now

PowerPoint Templates

Tired of the same old PowerPoint templates that everyone seems to use? Change your next presentation up with these 12 free PowerPoint templates. Your colleagues will be impressed. View and Download Now