Upgrade Center

Investintech.com offers a variety of updates and upgrades for its line of PDF software products.

In order to see which updates and upgrades are available for your product, please select the product you are using and the version number below.

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How Can I Tell Which Product and Version I am Using?

The easiest way in which to determine which product and version of our products you are using is to:

  1. Launch the software that you want to upgrade
  2. Once opened, go to the "Help Menu"
  3. In the Help Menu, click the "About" option.
    Able2Extract Help menu
  4. Clicking “About” will show the product splash screen. The Splash Screen will tell you which product and which version of the product is installed on your machine. Once you have made this determination, simply select the applicable product from the list and you will be shown which upgrades are available for your product.
    Able2Extract About screen

Please note: Able2Extract Professional 2.2 did not have the version number placed on the start screen.