Using PowerPoint in the Classroom

As technology enters the classroom more and more each year, there are always new innovations being brought into the fold that can help teachers to get their points across better, and help students learn more efficiently. One such tool that has been utilized in the classroom for some time now and continues to be used heavily is the Microsoft PowerPoint program.

This program is one that enables teachers and students alike to prepare presentations. When used effectively, PowerPoint can really enhance teacher presentations and the overall comprehension of students. It is a program that allows teachers to present their lessons in a more dynamic way than simply lecturing and writing on the blackboard.

PowerPoint has become very popular because it's easy to learn and widely available. It provides the ability to equip your presentations with different types of media - including images, sounds, animations, and much more. This enhances the students' abilities to retain what they're being taught, especially those who are visual learners. Teachers can focus on the class and interacting with the students instead of writing on a board, because the text and the entire presentation is already there in the form of a PowerPoint file.

PowerPoint is not just for the teachers though, another way to use PowerPoint in an educational setting is to have the students create their own presentations. This is a great way to teach them how to use visual aids while working on their presentation and public speaking abilities.

However, it is also important to note that when used incorrectly, PowerPoint presentations can actually be less effective than regular, old-fashioned teaching methods. Mistakes can be made not only in the way that the presentation is made, but in the way it is presented as well. One common mistake teachers make is that they simply reading the slides to students word-for-word, which is terribly boring to watch, and won’t keep their attention or enhance the learning experience in any way. Not using PowerPoint effectively can render your presentations PowerPoint-less.

Here are some great websites and online resources that can give educators great tips on how to use PowerPoint in the classroom effectively and continue to expand the role of presentations in keeping classroom lectures interesting.

These are all fantastic websites that offer users thousands upon thousands of free PowerPoint templates and backgrounds, so you can have great looking presentations without having to spend time on designing them yourself.