Teaching with Technology: Using Microsoft Excel in the Classroom

Integrating technology in the classroom is becoming more and more prevalent in many schools across the world. Teachers need to think of creative ways to incorporate technology into the classroom. This guide provides help for teachers wanting to use the application, Microsoft Excel, for help in their classes. Also listed are some unique ideas for ways in which to use spreadsheets in different lesson plans.

Tutorials and Basics

The following is a list of websites that one can use to learn more about using Microsoft Excel. These can be helpful for those who have never used Excel or for those who want to learn to do more and learn how to do new things with the application.

A Beginner's Tutorial on Excel

Steps on how to use Microsoft Excel

Using Excel for the Purpose of Data Analysis

Instructions on how to use Microsoft Excel

A Guide to Microsoft Excel for Basic and Advanced Math and Graphing

Ideas for Using Excel in Class

The following is a list of ideas of way teachers can incorporate Excel spreadsheets in lesson plans in the classroom divided by subject:


Language Arts



Social Studies



Additional Resources on Teaching with Excel:

Essentials of Graphing through Excel

Directions on Using Excel

Using Excel to Chart Students’ Birthdays

Utilizing Excel to Build Confidence in Students’ Math Skills

Excel Usage in Various Grades