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Faster Ways of Entering Your Data into MS Word for iPad

So you’ve set up the Microsoft Office suite on your iPad and you want to write an extensive article in Word. Are you finding it hard to type effectively on your tablet? You could buy a wireless keyboard for your iPad, but if you don’t want to spend the money on expensive accessories, there are some other things that you can do in order to speed up the process of entering data into your Word file on iPad.

The whole point of having Word for iPad is that you can work on documents just as swiftly as you would be able to on a PC. If you are not that great at typing on tablets, then there are a couple of better options for you to get your words down in a faster manner. Here are two options that you can try out.

Use the Voice Dictation Option

One way to enter information faster is to use the iPad’s built-in voice dictation option. However, this is available only for iPad 3 and up.

To use the voice dictation feature, tap on the microphone icon located on the keyboard. If you are not seeing the microphone, this means that you are not connected to the Internet. You need to be online in order to use it.

Faster Ways of Entering Your Data into MS Word for iPad

Tap “Done” when you are finished dictating.

Faster Ways of Entering Your Data into MS Word for iPad

The iPad will promptly turn your speech into words. Make sure to read it over, because the voice dictation option certainly is not perfect, especially if you have a heavy accent when speaking English.

For inputting punctuation, simply say what you want: period, comma, colon, semi-colon, slash, asterisk, ampersand, at sign, question mark, etc.

To start a new paragraph, simply say "new paragraph."

Type As If You’re on your iPhone

Do you type much faster on your phone than you do on your tablet? There are even people who are so used to typing on their iPhones that they are faster on a phone than with a keyboard.

If you are one of these people that’s already really familiar with typing on an iPhone, you can set up your iPad to allow you to type with your thumbs just like you would on your smartphone.

To do this, take both of your index fingers and place them in the center of the keyboard.

Now slide them to each side of the iPad.

Faster Ways of Entering Your Data into MS Word for iPad

You will now see two sets of keyboard options, one on each side of the iPad, which will allow you to use your thumbs to type. It might be a little harder to hold the iPad and type this way, because it’s significantly heavier than the iPhone, but it should still make it easier if you are already accustomed to typing with your thumbs on an iPhone.