Word Documents to PDF

MS Word is one of the most widely used authoring applications on the market today. As such, a Word document is a popular format to convert into a PDF. When textual content is primary and needs to be reproduced faithfully for electronic transmission, conversion into PDF is the best option.

Computer Set Up

Creating a PDF first requires a few components set up on your computer. When converting Word documents into PDFs you need:

The Word Document

Next item--the document to be converted. There are basic ways in which you can prepare a Word document for PDF creation.

General ways of creating a PDF format from a Word document.

The following is a general guideline that will give you an idea of how simple it is to create a PDF on your own.

Creating PDF files in MS Word

With a PDF printer

You can create a PDF file from the Word document. This results in the creation of a simple PDF. With this method, you create a PDF as you would normally print a document:

  1. Have the word document you're going to convert opened.
  2. Set up the default printer in Word to the PDF printer driver.
  3. Click on the File tab and then choose Print.
  4. Click on your PDF printer application and change the printing settings according to how you want your PDF to look like (how many pages per sheet, portrait or landscape orientation, etc.).
    Print to PDF
  5. Click on the Print option and a Print dispatcher will appear. You'll be given options about different features for your PDF. Select and set these accordingly. Then save the file and specify the folder location in which you want it saved. You have to save it to create the PDF. The file will save with a .pdf file extension.
    Print to PDF dispatcher
  6. Once saved, if you didn't select to have the PDF launched after creation, you may have to open the PDF again using a PDF viewer.

using Able2Extract’s PDF creation functions

  1. Creating a PDF using functionalities provided by your PDF creation software involves following similar steps to the ones described above. The only difference is that you will be using the PDF creation application's specific functions instead of choosing the PDF printer driver. To begin, click on the Create tab on Able2Extract’s Command toolbar, or click on the File menu and choose Create PDF.
    Create PDF button PDF creation from file
  2. Click on the View tab in the File menu and choose PDF creation options. This will give you a chance to explore these options and perhaps set up some security measures to your PDF document, add title and author details, change compression settings. etc. You can choose to save the settings as default, or only use them for that particular file. Click OK.
    PDF creation options
  3. Click Save on the Command toolbar and choose the location where you want to save your PDF.

Fortunately, Able2Extract PDF Converter provides both of the above conversion methods for MS Word.