Scan to PDF

Why scan to PDF? PDF files are the ideal method of viewing, storing, and emailing copies of your documents. A paper document can contain pictures, signatures and text. So why not convert it into a digital media? The PDF document is the best option. All the information can be packaged into a scanned PDF file which can then be emailed rather than faxed. It's easier, cheaper, and more error free. However, the end user will need a PDF viewer to open the document. PDF viewers are free and easy to download (for example, Adobe Acrobat).

PDF file generation from paper based documents can be a real ordeal if you don't use powerful software. However, when you use professional software, you simply place the document in the scanner's sheet feeder, click on the scan button, and enter the name of the desired PDF file. Job done! Adobe Acrobat is not required.

When you choose to mail the created PDF, some programs will even automatically create the attachment for you. Most software support standard PDF security and author information can be added to the created PDF files.

Let's assume you have a HP scanner (the process applies to all scanners, with a different wording). From the HP Director window select the "Scan Document" option. You will get the following options:

You must select the option that is best for your scan. One of the main differences between these options is the size of the resulting file. Another difference is the quality of the PDF image and color, or black and white.

Once your HP scanner completes the first scan, you should see a window which displays your image. Here, you are allowed to choose what area you want scanned. The area that will not be scanned will be grayed out. Click the 'Accept' button and the scanner will finalize the scan. The program will ask you if you want to add another page to the document. If you have other pages to scan, simply click "Yes" to add another page to the PDF document. Clicking "Yes" will repeat the above process. If you click "No", you indicate that this is the last page. The last step is to save your document. Give it a name and choose where to save it. Do not forget to change the "Save as type" option to PDF (it will look like - "*.pdf") by selecting it from the drop down box.

After your PDF file has been saved, check it in Adobe Acrobat. You must make sure it looks OK and all text is as expected. So, as you see, it is rather easy to scan a paper document to PDF, when using professional software. Check out to find some very useful tools!