Need to Get Electronic Access to Scanned PDFs?

Have you ever received a PDF file that looks like a regular PDF, but upon further inspection, is nothing more than an image saved as a PDF? The tell-tale characteristic of such a PDF is that you cannot select any of the text in that PDF. These image PDFs are troublesome, especially if you are aiming to get quick access to any of the information contained within the PDF.

There are two main categories of PDF files - Native PDFs and Image or Scanned PDFs. Native PDFs are created through the use of a computer application. Text from these natively created PDFs can be cut and pasted into different formats. Image PDFs cannot be accessed in this way.

Scanned or image PDFs are most often created using a scanner. For example, a document, which often starts out as a paper document, is scanned using a scanner device and then saved as a PDF. The result is a PDF that is an image (essentially one big picture). As such, there is no data behind that image that can be interpreted by a text editing program.

The only way to get access to this is through the use of sophisticated technology (called optical character recognition - OCR) that can interpret the image and then extract the textual information.

Fortunately, Inc.'s professional PDF converter, Able2Extract Professional has the advanced OCR technology necessary to convert scanned PDF data into editable Word documents or formatted Excel spreadsheets.

Our Professional products are especially helpful for businesses that work with a lot of paper documents. These paper documents once again become accessible since they can be scanned, saved as an image PDF and then transported into Word or Excel.

Download your Free Trial of Able2Extract Professional (Converts to Word & Excel) and watch how it converts your paper documents and image PDFs into editable Word or Excel files.