Using Watermarks to Stamp Sensitive and Confidential Material

One of the reasons people are reluctant to completely switch from paper to digital documentation, especially when it comes to sensitive, official material, is the fear of being exposed to different kinds of document manipulation: tampering with and changing the original document, stealing its content and appropriating it as one’s own, etc. For this reason, developers found a way to implement security measures used for paper documents into their electronic counterparts.

One paper security measure being implemented electronically is the watermark. Watermarks are semi-transparent logos printed in the page's background to mark a document in a certain way. The watermark effect is created by decreasing the Opacity from 100%, resulting in the image appearing as a watermark when stamped.

The advantages of being able to stamp a watermark in an electronic file are numerous:

Who knew security could be so easy? Thanks to these inventions, the process of digitizing paperwork and building a paperless society can continue without putting digital document users to any document safety risks.