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Able2Extract is Investintech's flagship product - featuring a PDF creator, converter and advanced, proprietary data extraction technology. The following information provides more details regarding Able2Extract's most important features:

Able2Extract allows users to create PDFs and convert their data from PDF into other formats, offering 10 different conversion options in total. The following backgrounders provide additional information on Able2Extract's two most popular conversions features: PDF to Excel and PDF to Word

PDF to Excel Conversion Backgrounder

Convert your PDF files into formatted Excel Spreadsheets!
Unlike many other products claiming to convert PDF to Excel, the Able2Extract PDF To Excel converter is much more than just a PDF to Text converter claiming to convert PDF to Excel. Able2Extract is powered by Investintech's proprietary conversion algorithm, specifically designed to ensure that tabular data contained in PDF's can be seamlessly exported into fully-formatted Excel spreadsheets for data analysis.

Using Able2Extract's PDF to Excel conversion option, users can view and select the data they want to convert in their PDF document, click on a single button and complete the conversion into Excel.

Able2Extract is a standalone product that works independently of Adobe's suite of products, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. The end result is PDF to Excel conversion quality that is second to no other product currently available on the market.

Key Features of Able2Extract's PDF to Excel Converter:

PDF to Word Conversion Backgrounder

Preserve the look and feel of your PDF's in Word!
Able2Extract's PDF to Word conversion option lets users recover their PDF data quickly and transform it into editable word documents with a single click of a button. The PDF to Word converter lets users take graphics and text from their PDF files and transfer it instantly into editable Word documents.

The PDF to Word conversion algorithm is proprietary to Investintech and was developed specifically for ensuring that PDF data could be replicated in Word as closely as possible. PDF to Word conversion has never been so easy!

Key Features of Able2Extract's PDF to Word Conversion: