PDF Security Primer

Ask yourself a question: Just how valuable is the information you're sending electronically?

PDFs can be easily read by anyone with a PDF reader, so security risks are high. The central security concern occurs when it comes to transmitting and receiving documents: How do you determine the integrity of the document as well as the source of the file?

Unfortunately, electronic information is never used in the way the sender intends. Yet this problem is greatly minimized by another feature of the PDF document: it can be secured. When you create a PDF file, you can control the way in which it is utilized. You can better prevent your PDFs from being copied, printed and viewed by unauthorized people - and those are just the basics! There are a variety of securing options available for your PDFs.

It's all up to you and your PDF creator. A variety of important security features are available in Investintech's secure Able2Extract PDF creation feature.. Using Able2Extract, you can set passwords and important restrictions for a variety of user actions.

To learn more about setting passwords, please click here.