Setting PDF Document Passwords

Gain a sense of security when creating a PDF file. You can set up user and owner passwords and choose specific restrictions for interacting with the file.

You can create a new security setting or use an existing setting. A security dialog box allows you to specify any password protection you want to give to your PDF for:

Changing a PDF document

Specify the kind of changes users are allowed to make on your PDF document. You can prevent users from doing anything with the file. Or you can allow the viewer selective access to copy and modify content, insert comments, fill in forms, assemble the document, etc.

Printing a PDF document

Define the level of printing restrictions viewers are allowed. Either choose to prevent any printing at all, allow full printing privileges or only low-resolution printing access. This is a security option that aids in making sure that your documents aren't mishandled freely through the printing of hard copy versions.

Using Investintech's Able2Extract PDF Converter, you can place and set passwords for each of restrictions described above.