Using PDF in the Law Firm Setting

It's no surprise that the PDF form is consistently exploited for its duplicating, compressing and navigating abilities. For a lawyer, these qualities become essential when handling, referencing and researching case materials. 

Content fidelity is a particularly important factor in legal research, where PDFs are commonly used. Case documents in PDF format guarantee the original content of a hard copy version will remain intact. Regardless of how many times the document is viewed, utilized and passed around, the PDF file always retains the same layout and appearance. Thus, the benefit in this research aspect is twofold: it not only gives the lawyer integral information, but it can also control access to confidential information.

As a lawyer working with people, he or she may need to share and send a copy of the case to a co-counsel, partner, or client. When researching legal archiving websites, online file cases can be sent via email in PDF form. Using the PDF format eliminates faxing, mailing and other inconveniences.

With the growing use of the PDF, the electronic workflow system is also making its way into the courtrooms. PDFs make it possible to share legal documents on laptops while in court. For example, using, viewing and referencing the same documents in court is easier with the PDF because all parties can use and apply the "bates numbering system", a method used to identify legal documents, to quickly reference research material for each other. Consolidating information from different applications into one searchable PDF document is easier than using multiple word processing documents for the same task. But if you ever need to convert PDF to Word in order to edit your legal documents, you can use a state-of-the-art PDF to MS Word converter such as Able2Extract PDF Converter.

Moreover, lawyers can create, annotate, add comments or attach supplementary material to a legal document with attachments and comment tabs in the PDF browser. It allows them to preserve critiques and comments when analyzing papers related to a case. Cases in PDF format can be bookmarked, or even highlighted electronically.

The efficient way to review, share and work with documents is simply to use the PDF format. Investintech's Able2Extract PDF Converter offers the ability to implement all advantages of the PDF format in a legal setting quickly and easily.