A2E Interface and Output

The A2E interface is user-friendly and simple to navigate. Its File menu and Command toolbar features are intuitive, and the software can quickly be mastered by anyone regardless of their level of computer literacy. Each command button clearly signifies what it does, so opening, creating and converting a PDF file become easy with only a few clicks of the mouse.

Able2Extract PDF converter toolbar

As you can see, the software’s Select All/Area function allows users to choose whether they want to extract and convert only selected parts of the document, or convert the whole document at once.

Below are sample screenshots of A2E in operation.

Able2Extract with an Open PDF document and highlighted text:

Able2Extract with an Open PDF document and highlighted text

Able2Extract provides smooth PDF creation from any printable application, and conversions to over 10 output formats: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCAD, etc. The converted files retain exact layout and formatting as the source files either via the automatic conversion process, or through the custom PDF conversion feature available for several types of conversions: PDF to Excel, PDF to Publisher, PDF to images, etc.

Samples of Converted Output

PDF to Word Sample 1:

PDF to Word conversion sample

PDF to Word Sample 2:

Sample PDF to Word output

PDF to Excel Sample 1:

PDF to Excel conversion output

PDF to Excel Sample 2:

PDF to XLSX conversion sample

PDF to PowerPoint Sample 1:

PDF to PowerPoint conversion output

PDF to Publisher Sample 1:

PDF to Publisher conversion sample

PDF to Publisher Sample 2:

PDF to PUB conversion output

PDF to AutoCAD Sample 1:

PDF to AutoCAD conversion output