How to Convert Your PDFs into Excel Quickly and Hassle Free!

The situation is not uncommon. You are a business professional and you are asked to perform an analysis of some numerical data - be it financial statements or other information, statistics, or a report generated by your enterprise software system. The best way to organize the numerical data and perform this type of numerical analysis is by using a powerful spreadsheet program – usually MS Excel.

The problem is, the data you need to analyse does not come neatly packaged within an Excel spreadsheet! Generally, this data comes in a non-spreadsheet file format, such as Text, HTML or in the worst case, the data you need to analyze is in the difficult-to-edit PDF format.

You have tried cutting and pasting from the PDF into your spreadsheet but the resulting output is totally useless – the text is just placed into one column!

Now, just getting this data to the point where you can even analyse it becomes the hard part. This leaves little time for the valued added part – the data analysis. What a waste!

We’ve been there as well and we created Able2Extract 8 solely with the mind of getting so you can spend more time analysing you data.

AbleExtract 8 by Inc. lets you convert data from PDF, HTML and Text into perfectly formatted Excel spreadsheets for easy analysis. Conversions are perfect everytime through the use of our advanced conversion capabilities.

Download your free trial of the Able2Extract 8 PDF to Excel Conversion software and see how it works for you!