Accessing and Converting Financial Data

Corporate financial data in PDF, HTML and Text formats has become the de-facto standard for electronically disseminating information and is widely accessible on the Internet nowadays.

For example, in the United States, publicly traded corporations publish their financial statements online in ASCII/Unicode text (documents in this format have .TXT extension) format through the United States Security and Exchange Commission. This database can be accessed at

The documents are available for download, so that users can store them in their digital or paper archives, or use them for further analysis. However, complex numerical data, such as those included in corporate financial reports, are not so easy to edit in the available formats. The best way to prepare financial data for analysis is to first transfer it into a powerful spreadsheets program.’s file conversion software, Able2Extract PDF Converter, allows these financial statements in text format to be viewed and transformed into a formatted Excel spreadsheet or into a Microsoft Word document. Financial and data professionals are particularly interested in the Text to Excel conversion, because it helps them format their data into tabular form perfect for analysis.

In Canada, publicly traded companies are required under securities law to issue quarterly and annual financial statements online at The vast majority of these statements are issued in PDF - excellent for storing or printing information, but a very unforgiving format when it comes to modifying documents. Fortunately, Able2Extract supports PDF conversion as well as Text, so it will easily transform these financial statements in PDF form into formatted Excel spreadsheets. Also, if needed, the tool can turn PDFs into a Microsoft Word or ASCII text.

It’s worth noting that the vast majority of publicly traded companies throughout the world provide their financial statements online through their corporate websites in PDF format free of charge.

With so much important documentation available in Text or PDF form, it’s very important for corporations and independent finance professionals to have appropriate software for easy management of these materials. Able2Extract PDF Converter is ideal for the job because its main purpose is to increase productivity for financial professionals and individual investors alike by saving them the time of having to take the financial information issued by companies and manually input it into a spreadsheet. Using A2E, the user can view the financial statements in PDF and text formats and then convert the financials into a formatted Excel spreadsheet. In other words, the conversion allows financial information to be put into the appropriate form needed for financial analysis.

While designed for the conversion of financial information, the conversion can be used for any type of numerical information contained in PDF documents that would be helpful for data analysis in a spreadsheet program.

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